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About the Client: UnLocal provides free and low-cost direct immigration legal representation, immigration legal consultations, immigrant-focused community education and case management to New York City’s immigrant and primarily undocumented communities.


Challenge: Select and implement a software system for managing volunteers



  • Created a questionnaire to understand the requirements for managing volunteers.

  • Researched tools that could be used to manage volunteer information and creating case studies of how other nonprofits approached this challenge.

  • Provided client with an analysis comparing 4 software tools for client to select best tool.



  • Implemented Salesforce for UnLocal to use for volunteer management.

  • Provided a web-based platform to assist with reporting and tracking volunteers.

  • Provided them with a foundation to use the Salesforce platform throughout their business, which over time, could assist with fundraising, marketing, website setup, metrics and more.

About the Consulting Team: Five professionals with an average of six years of experience each in the following areas: software implementation, Salesforce consulting, finance, nonprofit management.  

Client Feedback: The implementation of Salesforce has positively impacted UnLocal’s ability to track, export and manage information on organization donors, as well as volunteers who assist with community education events. This new system has boosted the efficiency of UnLocal’s development department and its ability to analyze revenue data on a regular basis. The system has also reinforced the efficiency of monitoring opportunities for funding, including: grant information, program officer contact status, and deadlines.

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